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The aim of All Surface Refurbishing is two-fold. First we seek to provide a quality refinished surface exceeding the expectations of our customers and having an appearance and the durability of the original finish. Second to this is providing information to our customers about the best way to clean and care for the existing surfaces in their home and any surfaces we might refinish.

All Surface Refurbishing is a locally owned licensed and bonded multi-surface refinishing company using products manufactured in the U.S. These refinishing products have been used in model homes for the past twenty years and continue to keep up with the industry’s standards of refinishing technology. The products are environmentally safer than most of the refinishing products on the market opting not to use isocyanates in its formula which are used to speed the drying time. Because of not using isocyanates, the full cure time for the refinished surface is forty-eight hours as opposed to the four to twelve hour cure time with the isocyanate. The use of isocyanates in the formula is equivalent to the use of lead in gasoline. Opting not to use isocyanate in the formula does not affect the quality or integrity of the product. It is just a better environmental move not to use isocyanates in the refinishing formula.

All Surface Refurbishing uses modern and up to date techniques in the application of the material being applied to any given surface needing to be refinished.

We specialize in the refinishing of steel, fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and cast iron tubs, showers and sinks, but not limited to these surfaces. Our material can be applied over kitchen Formica counter tops, kitchen appliances, tiled showers, ceramic tile and more.

Refinishing can restore a kitchen or bath to like new conditions for about a third of the cost of replacement by adding a new state-of-the-art finish to the existing surfaces. The company carries an unlimited color palette and in many cases the finish is more durable than the original. We also carry the leading industry’s five year warranty.

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